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Consumer Product Events connects consumer packaged goods with the press who are looking to report about them.

Our new product events are one day showcases where you can demonstrate and sample your product to the reporters who are actively searching for new content. We book a myriad of members of the press for you – magazine, newspaper and online editors, top bloggers, and TV, radio and online producers from the outlets most likely to report about a product like yours.

Our series of new product events are held at the times of the year when the press are compiling product roundup stories and need products to fill their content.The new product events range from holiday gift guides, wedding, eco, tech, home, Valentines, Mother’s and Father’s Day, back-to-school, pink products for breast cancer awareness month and more. Created by big brand PR veterans and the author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs, we understand how to position products to the media and teach you how to use publicity as a powerful marketing tool.

PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs


The secret entrepreneurial weapon which teaches you how to get the media to report about your product in the press which is read, seen and heard by your target customers. Download it now!


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We’d love to hear about your product and what makes it newsworthy.


Why you should attend?

Entrepreneurs / Product Inventors

You’ve finally created your baby and you’re either wondering, “what next?” or you’ve already quit your day job and you’re looking for a marketing method that will reach a massive audience. You may have heard PR described as “free advertising,” or you deeply understand all the intricacies of marketing and know the power of a reporter’s opinion and influence. You’ve dreamt of creating a life from your vision instead of being a slave to someone else’s brainchild and it’s time to take the next step. You’re more than ready to get your phone ringing and money piling up in your bank account; after all you have a mortgage to pay and kids to put through school.

In-House Marketers

You spend your days planning trade shows, imagining re-brandings, handling crisis, carefully positioning, writing annual reports, producing events, setting expectations, penning style guides, handling franchisors and wrangling sales meetings. Who has the time to call reporters to let them know how your company is setting trends and impacting your industry? You know that PR is the only tool that will explain what you do in a way that advertising cannot. You’ve got no budget for an agency, but if you could get your ball rolling with the press, you’d be a star in next month’s company review meeting.

PR Representatives

You work your tail off pitching reporters everyday. You pour through MuckRack looking for what the press are talking about, you engineer pitches, you research trends, you thoughtfully prepare newsworthy angles and press lists that match, you write press releases, you produce events, but most of all you need to let your client know that’s you’re on it. Every week, you cobble together all the work you’ve done to justify your monthly retainer. It never seems to be enough. If you could spend half a day meeting all the reporters you need and getting an already vetted press list put together by a reputable fellow publicist, your client will be very happy (and your day will be well spent).


Your staff is thinning out, but your editors still need content – and on time. Every year, the dreaded Valentine’s Day and holiday gift guides loom in your overworked mind. Then, there’s Earth Day, the summer, pet and Hollywood issues. God forbid you’ve been assigned to produce list of favorite things or a round-up of everything red. Your interns have flown the coop and the last thing you want to do is report on something that’s already been done. Oh, and let’s not forget that you never have time to

What they say…

“I highly recommend the Consumer Products Events event for any companies looking to reach writers and editors with their products. The events was a classy, professional, and strategic environment that was obviously planned with the vendors in mind. The team consistently checked in on all vendors, ensuring that we had what we needed and were able to network with the appropriate media visitors. There was attention to every detail, and I would absolutely recommend them to my clients again.”

GG Benitez

GG Benitez & Associates Public Relations

“The Consumer Products Event was a smash hit for our organic fashion company It was such an economical event with so much media activity in one place ~ and all in one day. Indigenous was delighted to be a part of the green buzz at the event.”

Scott Leonard

CEO, Indigenous Designs

“Consumer Product Events are an effortless and inexpensive platform for you to position your products in front of the top media outlets. Just one exposure alone can get your return on investment.”

Stacey Defelice


“I think it’s so important to invest in opportunities like this to raise awareness and exposure. I work in the magazine business so I see the value of editorial mentions and PR every day. I think it’s super important for brands.”

Rachael Honowitz

formerly of People Magazine

“Your salon was fabulous, from beginning to end. I know you can help Storybook… you and your team including your sherpas already have!”

Joann Siegel

Storybook Tea Company

“The LA Times gift guide news is incredible. We owe you and Consumer Product Events in a big way.”

David J. Czerwinski



Event Schedule

Holiday Gift Guides + Blogger Bev Pavilion 

May 16, 2018 New York City

 Stuff for Moms and Dads @ BloggerBash 

July 12, 2018 New York City

All Products

October 3, 2018 Los Angeles



Consumer Product Events PO Box 1193 Malibu, CA 90265
310.317.1543 info@consumerproductevents.com

Alyson DutchAlyson Dutch, Founder

A startup maven with an innate entrepreneurial MRI mechanism, Alyson Dutch can pluck out the greatest part of a good idea faster than you can say “I need capital.” Her superhero x-ray vision for spotting the kernels of success within any idea and envisioning a business structure close to immediately make her a haute commodity in the startup world. For more than 25 years, Dutch has been a product PR launch specialist. The author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs and creator of the PR Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs, she has launched everything from basketball shoes that prevent ankle sprains to fingertip toothbrushes and bras that eliminate visible bra lines. She’s also worked with many brands you know from Metabolife to Mrs. Fields Cookies, Perrier Jouet Champagne to Swatch and brings those big brand methodologies to the table for the small fry. She is the CEO of Malibu, California based Brown + Dutch Public Relations and the founder of “speed dating for products and press,” Consumer Product Events. Dutch is speaker at the annual Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX), the International Inventor’s Association, Response!, a columnist for Inventor’s Digest magazine and a mentor for the Small Business Association’s SCORE program.

My favorite read – Vanity Fair (Graydon Carter’s Editor’s Letter), WSJ Weekend, NYTimes Sunday, and William Safire’s former NYT column “On Language”

Most memorable childhood product – Velveeta cheese. If I invented a product, it would be it: A tilt-o-meter microchip embedded in your brain that could instantly asses the honesty, productivity, longevity and love that would be experienced of every person you meet and blurt into your mind: “invest,” “don’t invest.”

Most cherished news story of all time – The OJ Simpson car chase. I’ll never forget the white Bronco driving down the 405.

Mariel EnochsMariel Enochs, Event Operations and Public Relations Manager

The bright, witty and creative daughter of a Mexican press consul, Mariel landed on the doorstep of Malibu-based Consumer Product Events, where she oversees all aspects of the events produced in all cities. With a background in corporate, entertainment and Hispanic publicity (and a serious love of bikinis), Mariel shares her passion for publicity in our headquarters. Mariel has had the good fortune to spend her childhood in Caracas, Venezuela before moving to Los Angeles in 2001. She attended Cal State Northridge where she graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, then moved toward the PR biz, after completing the Communications graduate program at Cal State Fullerton in California. She has shared her natural proclivity for PR on projects such as the Newport Film Festival, has done local store marketing for 7-Eleven and the U.S. / Mexican Chamber of Commerce. She has also worked in the financial sector, providing social media strategy and even co-hosted a radio show with her father called “The Entrepreneurial Forum” on Radio 690, Los Angeles. Personally, Mariel has a thing for water. She designs a swimwear line she calls Onyx, named after a sexy Ixtapa restaurant by the same name. An animal lover, she watches after the office dogs, Bob and Sully, and lists at the top of her bucket list to be submerged in a shark cage. On the weekends she teaches kids how swim and love the water. When choosing a place to marry her sweetheart, Kirk, she chose: the beach.

Most favorite read (magazine, blog, TV, radio or newspaper) – I am a sucker for Cosmo magazine. I love to watch The Daily Show…daily. I love Ted Talks and follow closely political scientist and American journalist Fareed Zakaria.

Most memorable childhood product – Mexican candy. We were only able to get it when we would visit our family during the summer vacation, so everything we could bring back to Venezuela with us was cherished.

Most cherished news story of all time. – The fall of the Berlin Wall. Even though I was very, very young, and didn’t understand the significance of it, I remember clearly thinking “This will be part of history forever.”


Khourin Wilkins , Sherpa and Publicist

A creative talent that loves working to make things and people beautiful, Khourin Wilkins currently works for a non-profit advocating for underserved populations by applying great strategy and creativity. Khourin’s experience lies in consumer marketing and business development. A recent graduate from Parsons The New School for Design’s MS program in Strategic Design and Management, Khourin plans to become a consultant for small minority owned businesses.

Most favorite read (magazine, blog, TV, radio or newspaper) – Anything by Jhumpa Lahiri and Malcolm Gladwell. My favorite sites are Business Insider and The Huffington Post. I love listening to NPR and WNYC, I also love TED Talks.

Most memorable childhood product – I loved Hubba Bubba bubblegum tape. If you invented a product, what would it be? – I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been done, but I would invent a better education system for children in poor communities locally and globally.

Most cherished news story of all time. – When Barack Obama won his first election.